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What documents can be signed in Autenti?

Via the Autenti platform, you can sign most of the documents and contracts that will be legally binding.

Using Autenti, you can easily sign contracts that have no form provided for by law, e.g.:

  • contract of mandate,
  • specific task contract,
  • cooperation agreement,
  • contract for sale of movable property,
  • contract of exchange,
  • rental and lease agreement for a period of up to one year,
  • and many more.

You may also conclude contracts for which the law prescribes a written form, i.e. using a qualified electronic signature, such as:

  • loan agreement,
  • supply agreement,
  • real estate rental and lease agreement for a period of more than one year.

Autenti meets the requirements of a permanent medium

The Autenti platform also allows for the exchange of electronic documents and permanent media of the content of a contract, enabling its effective conclusion in the manner set out by applicable law.

With a qualified electronic signature, you can sign almost any contract!

Conclusion of contracts for which the law prescribes a written form under pain of nullity is possible. In that case, you must have an electronic signature verified by a qualified certificate at your disposal. Such contracts include, among others:

  • leasing agreement,
  • debt assumption agreement,
  • guarantor declaration in contact of surety.

If the law provides for a different form specific to a given contract (e.g. a notarial deed), then the Autenti user can't conclude this contract using the Autenti platform.

Some examples of such agreements are:

  • donor declaration in the donation agreement,
  • contracts that obligate the transfer of ownership of real estate,

as well as the ones that transfer the ownership of an enterprise: contracts of sale, lease of an enterprise.