What is a qualified electronic signature?

A qualified electronic signature is a type of electronic signature with the same legal effect as a handwritten signature.

In order for a qualified electronic signature to be valid, it must be certified with a qualified electronic signature certificate. Such a certificate makes it possible to verify the person who signs the document. 

Signing with a qualified electronic signature based on a valid qualified certificate has the same legal effect as signing a document by hand.

It's also worth noting that making a declaration of intent in electronic form and then attesting it with a qualified electronic signature is equally binding as making a declaration in writing.

Characteristic of the Autenti qualified electronic signature

Assigned to a specific person 

Before issuing a qualified signature certificate, the identity of the person applying for it is verified. The certificate may only be used by the person to whom it is assigned.

Legally binding throughout the European Union

According to the eIDAS regulation, qualified certificates of electronic signature issued in any country of the European Union are recognized in all member states.

Cloud-based, with phone authorization

No matter where you are, you can place a qualified signature remotely using your phone, thus eliminating the need for inconvenient readers and external cryptographic cards.