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Are documents signed with an electronic signature secure?

Yes. Autenti cares for the interests of the parties who sign the Document, using advanced IT technologies, in particular, it protects the integrity of the document with an advanced electronic seal based on a qualified certificate, applied before the parties sign and immediately after their submission.

In addition, Autenti places a qualified time stamp in the document, which guarantees an unambiguous determination of the moment of finalizing the submission of all required declarations, with a date that has a certain legal significance. In this way, the parties can be sure that the document they sign does not undergo unauthorized changes immediately after sending and reading it, until the signatures are placed on them, and also later, when the signatures have already been placed. Each party has access to signed documents and may
verify the dates of signatures.

Documents signed via Autenti:
• are stored in a safe manner,
• their integrity is secured with a qualified electronic seal,
• are stamped with a qualified time stamp,
• are available to the parties to a legal transaction at any time.