Does Autenti offer qualified signatures for foreigners?

Currently, each of the qualified signatures Autenti offers can be issued to a foreigner.

Qualified signatures through Autenti are issued 100% online, in English and are available to every foreigner. To receive a qualified certificate, however, certain conditions must be met. These conditions are described below.

InfoCert - requirements for obtaining:

  • currently unavailable for Italian citizens,
  • valid passport,
  • active telephone number (from any country, we support over 200 countries),
  • personal e-mail address.

SimplySign - requirements for obtaining:

  • personal Polish bank account in your name,
  • personal e-mail address,
  • polish, french, spanish, portuguese, romanian or dutch telephone number,
  • valid national ID or passport.

You can be issued a SimplySign certificate by selecting one of these options:

  • SimplySign paired with a PESEL number
  • SimplySign paired with an identity document number 

During the identity verification conversation you will state your selection to the consultant.

Remember, that when selecting a certificate paired with a PESEL number, you must have confirmation that this number was granted, e.g. a document such as; a residence card or a declaration from a government office stating that a PESEL number has been assigned (a scan or photo). In the case of pairing a certificate with an identity document, the validity of your document cannot be shorter than the validity of the certificate. 

mSzafir - requirements for obtaining:

  • electronic banking account from PKO BP, Inteligo mBank, Pekao S.A. (opened during a physical visit to a bank branch with the PESEL number provided),
  • or a KIR qualified certificate saved on a cryptographic card,
  • personal e-mail address,
  • Polish phone number.