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What is Autenti?

Autenti is a platform for authorising documents and concluding contracts online, anywhere and at any time.

The Autenti platform is a unique combination of electronic signature, an innovative technology and legal environment based on European and national legislation. The service can be used in relations with:

  • business partners (B2B), 
  • consumers (B2C),
  • employees (B2E).

Autenti simplifies and shortens to a necessary minimum the process of signing documents as well as reduces the costs connected with preparing and sending them using traditional methods – by post or courier (guaranteed savings exceed 50%). Reducing the use of paper in business operations makes it an environmentally friendly solution as well.

With Autenti you can authorise and sign any document, wherever you are and whenever you need it. The service complies with European law and best business practices.

Documents signed using the Autenti platform are legally binding in Poland and the EU.

Within the platform, you have permanent access to the archive, which is where all your documents are stored – you can return to any of them at any time. Files are saved on an encrypted drive, so you can rest assured that they are safe.

The platform provides you with an automated documentation workflow with the companies you work with, as well as within the organisations you represent yourself.