What requirements do I have to meet to receive a SimplySign qualified signature?

To receive a SimplySign qualified signature you must have: 

  • a Polish personal bank account that you own in one of the following banks:
Credit Agricole PBL 
Getin Bank 
BNP Paribas 
Santander online 
Pekao24 PBL 
Alior Bank PBL 
Pocztowy PBL 
EnveloBank PBL 
transfer PKO Bank Polski S.A. 
transfer Inteligo 
Inteligo PSD2 PIS 
transfer Bank Millennium S.A. 
Millenium PSD2 PIS
  • personal e-mail address
  • polish, french, spanish, portuguese, romanian or dutch telephone number
  • valid physical identity document (only an ID card or passport), it cannot be a residence card or digital wallet.  

In the case of a stationary verification in Warsaw, a bank account is not required to obtain a certificate.

SimplySign for foreigners

If you are a foreigner, you can obtain a SimplySign certificate by selecting one of these options:
  • SimplySign that is connected to a PESEL number
  • SimplySign that is connected to the identity document number

You will declare your choice during the conversation with the consultant who is conducting the identity verification. 

Remember, that when choosing a certificate associated with a PESEL number, you must have confirmation of assigning this number, e.g. a document such as a residence card or a declaration of granting a PESEL number from the government office (a scan or photo). In the case of connecting the certificate to an identity document, the validity of your document cannot be shorter than the validity of the certificate.