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How can I be sure that the document was actually signed by the person I invited to sign?

The signees' personal data comes from the sender of the document. As a rule, the verification of the recipients is the responsibility of the sender of the document, and the role of the Autenti is to enable the person indicated by the sender to access the document and sign it, using various methods of authentication or remote identification of identity.

The basic data that is verified is the e-mail address. Remember to send the documents to an e-mail address that the sender has sufficient certainty to be the address used by the signee. In order to increase the level of security, in some situations it is recommended to use additional methods of authentication, e.g. through the OTP code (“one-time password”), which is sent via SMS to the recipient's phone number. Without its use, it is then impossible to sign the document on the platform.

Autenti also offers other, additional methods of confirming the identity of a natural person remotely, as part of the BROKER.ID service (ID Check & Liveliness, ID Check & Selfie, ID
Check) or the possibility of using a qualified electronic signature.