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Does Autenti guarantee the integrity and authenticity of signed documents?

Securing the authenticity and integrity of the content of the document is the basic functionality that distinguishes the innovative Autenti technology from other solutions available on the market.

Signing on the Autenti platform takes place in a strictly defined process, in which, from the moment the document is issued to the end of signing it by all required persons, it is stored and made available to authorized persons using advanced IT mechanisms. The applied security measures make it impossible to change the content that would be unnoticed. In order to confirm the process security, Autenti uses electronic seals based on a qualified certificate, which are placed on the document immediately after its issuance and after the signing is completed, and enable, by means of the additional visual layer of the Signature Card and the technical file, to clearly define the put signatures, without changing the document made available to signees.

The electronic seal used, verified by a qualified certificate, meets the requirements of Art. 36 of eIDAS, in particular, is linked to the document in such a way that any subsequent change of the data is automatically recognizable.

For example, opening a document signed in Autenti in the Adobe Acrobat Reader application verifies whether no changes have been made to the sealed document, and in the event of such changes, it clearly informs the user about such fact. Each document signed in Autenti is additionally marked with a qualified electronic time stamp, which not only guarantees the integrity of the document, but also ensures that the presumption of date and time accuracy is used.

Additionally, Autenti offers a digital file verifier - a tool that allows you to verify whether a given file has been signed on Autenti.